CCP’s Experiment of Madness!

Have thought to yourself, hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could genetically engineer a virus that’s super contagious to humans, and then release it in the wild? If you have, first, please see a psychiatrist, but second, that’s what scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology wanted to do. We know this from a leaked document, a 2018 proposal submitted to the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. Which for some reason makes us think of Metal Gear. The documents will lead to a group called DRASTIC Research, which has made a lot of recruits in investigating the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis. DRASTIC has released the leaked proposal online. According to the proposal, “Scientists at Wuhan Institute of Virology we’re planning to genetically enhance Airborne coronavirus has and release aerosols containing ‘novel chimeric spike proteins’ among the cave bats in Yunnan, China.” For some reason, DARPA rejected the funding proposal. Too busy working on the super soldier we guess. Actually, the true reason they rejected the funding proposal is even more worrying than that. According to DRASTIC, DARPA believed the proposal potentially involved gain of function that would make it more dangerous to humans. By inserting Spike proteins that bind to human cells into the Coronaviruses. This may sound familiar. DARPA was very close to being concerned that this was a Dual Use Research of Concern. According to the National Institutes of Health, that is research “that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat with broad potential consequences to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, material, or national security.” However the Wuhan Institute of Virology proposal didn’t acknowledge or address either of those problems. Actually, it claimed those concerns didn’t apply. Alternatively, it asked DARPA for $14 million, some of which would pay the salaries of Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists like Dr. Shi Zhengli. You may be wondering: Even before the pandemic, why do would anyone think altering a coronavirus would be more contagious to humans and releasing it into the wild was a good idea? “The purpose of the research was to access the risk of coronaviruses, to prevent outbreaks and even vaccinate bats against the virus, according to the proposal.” If you think about it, all of humanity is in the middle of a astonishing experiment assessing the risk of coronaviruses. And it didn’t even need American Funding. Is what we would like to say. New American Funding was given to a group called the EcoHealth Alliance, led by Dr. Peter Daszak. He was the one who gave it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He was also one of the earliest voices calling the lab leak hypothesis a conspiracy theory. Also, the insane experiment DARPA rejected? It was also led by Dr. Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance. Never mind all of that insanity. Because the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences has released a new paper claiming that covid-19 was in America much earlier than previously thought. “Researchers says they were 50 percent confidence that the first COVID-19 cases in the US between August and October 2019.” “And the earliest possible case was on April 26, 2019, in Rhode Island.” To recap, a leaked proposal shows that in 2018 the Wuhan Institute of Virology experiments to create the type of unusually contagious to humans Coronavirus that caused the covid-19 pandemic. Then the CCP regime suddenly releases a study claiming call Red possibly came from Rhode Island in April instead. Sounds real enough to us. Anybody able to read the sarcasm. Thank you for reading and Hail Puggerria.

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